He Shows Me Grace Upon Grace


Today I’m linking up with She Who Fears for a little Grace Upon Grace

Here are four evidences of God’s great & amazing Grace in my life over the past two weeks…

-I have been a stay-at-home wife for the past one year and three weeks but starting August 25th, I will have a JOB! I will be a nanny to two sweet girls M-F. Last week, for some reason, I was feeling super down about not having a job {normally I am perfectly content about it} and since I was feeling a little uncomfortable about not having a job, I decided to send out a text to a few of my friends here in town to see if any of their friends needed a nanny and one awesome lady gave my number to her friend who had been looking for a nanny! How awesome is God for providing so quickly and so perfectly! I start in two weeks and to say I am excited is an understatement! My husband is very excited as well. And the sweet cherry to top it all of— I am off almost every night and every weekend! Exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks, God, for your grace in this!

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-I have been seriously behind in my prayer life. My prayers have been short and sweet and to the point but it leaves me feeling a little distant from God. I need to make more time in the morning to spend quality time with Him. I’m thankful for the grace that God gives me in this. He doesn’t turn away from me when I fall short. He draws me in closer. Yesterday during worship, I felt His presence all around surrounding all of us as we sang praises to our King. It was refreshing & so needed!

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-After last week’s roller coaster of emotions, my husband and I were able to head to my parent’s house for a Saturday out on the lake! It was such a sweet time of relaxation and unwinding. We had such a fun weekend spending time with my family! Not to mention, we were able to try out my husband’s new toy, a jet ski! We are excited for the many weekends spent out on the beautiful lake that we thankfully live so close to!

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We will be heading to Haiti in October and I am pretty excited! Lately, I have been reading more and more blogs and websites that have connections in Haiti. It gives me relief to read about how God is working and how amazing it is there. I have never been on an overseas mission trip so I have a few fears but nothing that God can’t handle! I am excited to see all of those precious faces and families that are awaiting us there. I am praying that God will draw me closer to Him while I am there and that somehow, if He wills, He will use me for His glory.

How has God been working in your life lately? I would love to hear!

You are loved!




3 thoughts on “He Shows Me Grace Upon Grace

  1. I am glad you were able to find a job! What a blessing!
    It’s encouraging to know that you’ve been a stay-at-home wife though for a while! I will be going back to that after my summer nanny job is over (so, we’re basically switching roles!)
    I feel insecure in my role as a wife who stays at home but doesn’t have kids yet sometimes….was that ever a struggle for you?

    • Absolutely I do! What helps me is that my husband is supportive & I meditate on Proverbs 31 alot. There are days where I am busy making our house into a welcoming home and I’m loving it but then there are days when there is no more laundry to be done and the insecurity creeps in. But our worth and identity doesn’t come from what we do, rather who we are in Christ and being a homemaker is a God given blessing and responsibility & glorifies God!!

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