Wednesday’s Words {Intro to Me!}


Hey Y’all! I’m so glad that you stopped by. I’m currently sitting on my back porch with a bowl of cotton candy ice cream while my favorite pup is underneath me with her own bowl of peanut butter. It’s a good day. I’m so excited to start this new link up with Jenni from Frankly My Dear & other sweet blogging girls for a good dose of encouragement and community! It’s a brand new community starting TODAY & it’s the perfect replacement for my Wifey Wear Wednesdays I believe!

This week, we were asked to share a little about ourselves & what God is doing in our lives! So, let’s do this.



I’m Katie. I have a huge love for Jesus, my Savior & BFF, and I daily strive to life my life for Him in all aspects.  A year ago, I was overly blessed and full of JOY to marry the man of my dreams. His name is Joe and he is utterly perfect for me. I still pinch myself at times to make sure this isn’t all a dream. He is romantic, tall and handsome, and takes me on trips all over this green earth. We are super-duper in love and you would quickly learn that if ever you were around us for at least two minutes. He is the most selfless, wise, hilarious, caring, & faithful man I know. He is my joy. We live in a cute house in a fun city and we serve at our local church home & eat way too much good food. Oh, and we also have a Siberian Husky whom we adore & call our child.


I have a slightly obsessive love for hot tea, coffee, sunshine, Mexican food, spending time early in the morning in the Word, laughing, & reading books. I love Jesus, my big family, & my friends who are as dear as family. I just accepted a job as a nanny during the week after being a SAHW for the first year of our marriage. One day I will write about all the things that I learned from that season of life. I also adore this blog space. The community that it possesses is irreplaceable. I am in the process of growing my blog and I just love meeting new ladies who love Jesus & adore coffee as much as I do. It’s such an awesome thing. I started this blog almost two years ago while sitting in my formerly favorite coffee shop back in my hometown. I have a huge heart and passion with sharing Jesus’ love with everyone I meet. With that passion for Him and a passion to write since I was young, God led me to start this blog over a hot cup of African Sunset Red Tea. He knows the way to my heart. You can read way more in-depth of what and how He spoke to me about this blog here.


God has been showing me what it looks like to truly follow and live completely for Him. Honestly, I am growing {being stretched} more right now than I ever have in my walk with Christ. He is teaching my husband and I what it looks like to truly die to self and live for Christ even when it’s hard and complicated. I am slowly learning that He is worth it. In my personal life, God is teaching me to open my hands and let Him have the control, the insecurity, and the fear that I have been clinging onto for years and years. He is teaching me that opening my hands means that I am trusting Him for who He is.. GOD. I can’t play God anymore by trying to be in complete control over my life and the people in it. Trust, faith, believing. Surrender. That’s what I’m learning.

Oh, and did I mention that I love chatting with you so let me know that you stopped by! See ya tomorrow dearies for our Romans Summer Bible Study! We’re going over chapter 14.. here’s a sneak peek.. freedom & love!.. you know it will be good!

You are loved!



9 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words {Intro to Me!}

  1. Hey Pretty Katie!!
    First let me say how happy it made my heart to read this post! I’ll be honest, it’s the first time I’ve ever been your your blog but I just felt so welcomed & warm! I hope that’s not strange because I am so excited to get to know you!
    ….hot tea, coffee, sunshine, Mexican food…basically four of my favorite things – and obviously out husbands.. AND Jesus!!
    Aww…loving this community already!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us today, sweet NEW friend!! 🙂

    • Jenni! I am super excited to get involved! 🙂
      I’m in the process of “redecorating” my blog a bit & switching a few things up, and also connecting with more blogging ladies!! 🙂

      Your blog is one of my new faves; know that you are such an encouragement & your blog is such an inspiring, happy, little space!!

      blessings to you, girl! xoxox

      In Christ,

  2. Katie, oh my goodness, why did I not know your blog before? I just instantly felt like your friend, sitting down to talk over coffee. Mexican food is my favorite, SO SO glad to have found you through this linkup!!

    • Yay!!!! So grateful for this new link up that is connecting us! I’m super excited to get to know you better. LOVE your blog 🙂 I am in the process of changing stuff around & connecting with more people so I’m anticipating that!! 🙂 blessings, new friend!

  3. What a blessing to meet you through the link up! I look forward to reading more as God speaks through you to all of us!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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