My first ever VLOG!

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Hey y’all! So today I’m linking up with Kiki from In its Time & Jenna from Dearest Love for a closet confidential link up for the month of August {better late than never!} & also sharing a few of my favorites from my closet with Oh Hey Friday! and I have to say that I am totally going out of my comfort zone here because I am super awkward when it comes to video but I have always wanted to do a VLOG so here it goes!

Before you watch, please note the cutest dog ears that will appear at the beginning. Haha! My pup, Penny, loves being around me and had to get in on this vlogging stuff. Also, this video has no editing so please don’t mind the guest bed looking like a mess & how you can only see half of my face for half of the video. Oops. Learning! Next, I’m super awkward and a little southern so bare with me if you can’t understand what I’m saying, haha! Lastly, I hope you enjoyed this humorously awkward video {I’m laughing with you} of all the fun things in my closet! Go check out Jenna & Kiki’s blogs after you watch! Enjoy!! xoxo Sorry, I ramble a bit…. ; )

What are some faves from your closet?  Five of mine are my maxis, that denim shirt, my new white dress, my cozy sweaters that I can’t wait to wear this fall, & my new coral dress from my husband! I would love to hear yours!

You are loved!




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6 thoughts on “My first ever VLOG!

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you vlogged! First of all, you’re a total natural at it and I love that vlogs really let me get to know the blogger behind the blog. 🙂

    Secondly, I love everything in your closet! I’m slightly obsessed with eyelet right now so I love your dress and I also love your coral/navy/white dress as well (your husband has great taste in clothes!). Oh, and I also loooove your chambray top and maxi skirt. I’ve been thinking a patterned maxi skirt may be in store for me when I go clothes shopping next.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    p.s. Your dog is the cutest! I’m a definite dog person and Penny’s ears are adorable!

  2. Linking through (kinda delayed!) from closet confidential and i am so glad you vlogged! It is actually quite fun…in the end and you weren’t awkward at all!!! i love your clothes you showed and the jacket/denim looked awesome! I love those at the moment too! I found it so sweet your husband picks items out for you – you are right he has really good taste! I’m sure mine would struggle to get my size right haha!

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