What makes you… HAPPY?

I hope that your long weekend was as amazing and relaxing as mine was! This morning, my husband and I hit the snooze for almost an hour! This week is going to be good. Ya know why? God is good and He is in control! No matter what comes my way, I know that it has to go through my loving Father’s hands first and you can rest in that too.

Okay, I’m totally in denial that its already September!? I’m ready for some cozy fall weather, how about you? Speaking of September, today I’m linking up with Brave Love Blog for an awesome daily blogging prompt for everyday in September. She calls it, “The Blogtember Challenge”. I love the idea! If you are a blogger, I totally recommend you checking out this challenge!

Today’s focus is this: what makes me happy

I often think a lot about the difference between happiness & joy. Happiness is more about your emotions and what gets you excited or satisfied. It can be changed in an instant depending on your circumstance. On the flip side, Joy isn’t based on your emotions or your circumstances. It comes from being in the presence of God, being content with life and knowing your purpose through Jesus Christ….Joy is more spiritual than emotional. It’s lasting, it’s eternal, it’s a fruit of the spirit of God! Joy is one of the two words that I have been focusing on this year along with intentionality. While only God can give true joy which is lasting, He blesses us with little bits of happiness throughout our lives. Here are a few things that make me happy….

+ Spending time with my husband doing fun things like shopping, traveling somewhere we haven’t been before, picnicking, or exploring our new city…

+ A cold and thick Frappuccino from Starbucks…

+ When our puppy, Penny, is being sweet and cuddly…

+ Spending a long weekend with my husband’s and my family…

+ having heart to hearts with dear friends over a good cuppa joe (holla, Jaimie!)…

+ spending a day (or five) at the beach…

+  laughing so hard with someone until your stomach hurts…

+ yummy homemade food (I’m a total foodie…)

+ my husband, of course!…

+ lastly, meeting new people through my blog or other’s blogs! I love it!

Here are just a few things that make me HAPPY! What makes you happy?!

You are loved!




2 thoughts on “What makes you… HAPPY?

  1. I do really love having new experiences together with my husband–definitely puts a smile on my face, even though not every experience goes perfectly smoothly.

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