The Golden VLOG! Volume 1 – Intro!

Hey y’all! I am so glad that you are here! So, I’m SUPER excited to be linking up with Faith from Mrs. G and the Artist for her very awesome & first edition of The Golden Vlog! It’s just a fun way to grow in community with other bloggers & to share with the world who we are & what we do! I hope you enjoy my awkwardness & hope you don’t mind my rambling too much! Don’t you just love this hilarious thumbnail below?! HA! Oh my…




{check out this link if you aren’t able to view that one: }

I hope you enjoyed it! Now you know a little bit more about me! Hopefully you were able to stick it out until the end! Shew, you must really love me then 😉 See y’all on the flip side!

(do people even say that anymore?!)

You are loved!



9 thoughts on “The Golden VLOG! Volume 1 – Intro!

    • Ok! So I went to YouTube and watched it and oh my gosh…you are just adorable!! Loved this!! You will have to give me that list of blogs you follow..sounds like we like a lot of the same things! Thanks for linking up with us!

      • Yay!!! yes, see I meant to do that but I am all over the place & I forget, haha, but the ones I was going to mention were:
        cheers y’all blog
        wetherills say I do
        our yellow door
        Rachel rewritten
        Frankly My Dear

        just a few of my faves! all of these ladies love the lord & they are just great!

        Faith, i’m so glad that you are doing this & I am already absolutely loving your blog! can’t wait to connect even more! 🙂

    • thank you!! I wish I could tell you that the weekly verse changes ever week but that’s the same one from like 3 months ago.. but hey, grace. haha! I love your blog though. im super excited that I found it! I watched your video last night and loved it!

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