If we were having a {Coffee Date!}


Hey y’all! I’m so happy to be back with Jenna + Jenna today spilling my heart over coffee.. & this here blog! I hope that you all have enjoyed your week, the good & the bad that life brings along. Coffee makes everything better, right? Which is why this Coffee Date Link Up is one of my faves!

If we were having coffee, I would take you to this new and modernly rustic local coffee shop where I live. I would order a venti-sized pumpkin flavored latte with extra cinnamon.  I would tell you about all the highs + lows in my life & laugh about this vlog I did last night with some other lovely bloggers…


I would probably let you in on these little not-so-secrets:

+ I’m exhausted. And this blog is getting the bad end of the deal. I’m so thankful for  a job but it has totally turned my normal routine & schedule upside down. But, on the bright side…. that just means I am learning to be more organized. And that will be good for me.

+ Oh, I would get excited & tell you about how I am in the process of revamping my entire blog & I would show you pictures of the amazing blog design I am waiting for.. did someone say coral and teal? Eeee!

+ After asking how your week has been, I would tell you in a high pitched tone that my mom, brother, & sister are coming into town for the day & I am SO excited to see them after two weeks of being here at home. We’re going to eat lots of food and try not to spend so much $$ at Target.

+ My hubby & I are going to Canada next week for a mini-getaway and I would ask you… have you ever been to Canada?! Montreal to be exact. I hear they have maple syrup & tons of resturants, ay!

+ Last but certainly not least, I would tell you that God is good. And faithful. Oh, and trustworthy. He has given me strength when I thought I couldn’t go on. He has given me peace when my mind has been in some bad places. He has given me joy in trials. I would pray with & for you and ask if we can get a refill on those lattes?!?!

How have you been, lately? And what would you let me in on if we were having coffee right now?! You are loved, lady!


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39 thoughts on “If we were having a {Coffee Date!}

    • Mine too! I wouldn’t be kidding if I said that 70% of my wardrobe is coral or teal.. and my wedding colors were coral. haha, just such fun & happy colors. i’m super excited for the new design too! I think its going to make my blog WAY better. 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  1. I LOVE coral & teal!?! That is going to look so good!! 🙂 I love these coffee dates as well! I try and do them as often as I can! I’ve always wanted to go Maine and see where they filmed Anne of green gables! You sound like me about family coming…I would squeal with you! Lol!

  2. Ooh coral and teal sounds so cute! I have been to Canada, but not to Montreal. I have been really wanting to go so hopefully you’ll blog about what you do. 🙂

  3. Hello beautiful lady. I had to copy and paste so I could make sure I responded to everything we’d catch up on:

    + I’m sorry you’re tired, I symapthise. Your blog still looks great! Don’t you worry.

    + I’m SO excited to see your blog revamp. i’ve just finished mine (purple, monocrome + tea!) and I’m so so proud of it! It fills me with such joy.

    + My week has been fine thank you 🙂 Work is getting more exciting… I’ve been tasked with tweetering and it’s going really well. Please tell me more about your siblings. I’m going home to see my parents, step parents and twin sister next weekend! My sister just got engaged and we’re going to wedding fairs & dress shopping. TOO excited.

    + I’ve never been to Canada. I have however, visited over 10 states.. not bad for a Brit hey?

    + Yes and amen! Let’s pray together. and I’ll have a top up of my tea.

    p.s. that coffee shops sounds amazing! If you came to stay with me.. I’d take you into the city where I live, which is an ancient walled city and my favourite tea shop is in an ancient crypt and they have the loveliest tea and so much history!

    Until next time x

  4. Oh my gosh, I loved this! You have the sweetest voice, and I’m loving that chalkboard wall behind you!

    Enjoy your trip to Canada!! What an amazing trip. Can’t wait to hear about it!! Thanks so much for linking up with us for the coffee date, girl!

  5. I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this!! How did I miss yours!? I absolutely love all of your picks! Love that eShakti dress!
    And you could totally wear that fushia dress! Just throw on a cardigan or jacket and it’s good to go! I know what you mean about the big arm holes though. I hate when dresses and shirts are like that!

  6. Found you via The Peony Project. 🙂 LOVE your style…I really felt like we were at a table chatting! I’ll be back and can’t wait to see the new blog design and Canada pictures!

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