30 before 30

before I turn 30, here are 30 dreams I want to accomplish…

1-go on an overseas mission trip

2-travel to nyc


3-run in a fun 5k with hubby

4-have a baby (or two or three!)

5-walk through central park


6-grow a garden & plant flowers

7-be in great shape

8-do something dangerously fun (i’m no daredevil)

9-get a puppy


10-run a marathon with hubby

11-ride an elephant

12-travel to Australia

13-since 27 is accomplished…get my house decorated & fixed up exactly how I like it!

14-hike 100 trails

15-teach someone something

16-do yoga

17-learn to play the ukulele

18-have a thriving photography business


19-watch lion king on broadway


20-get a tattoo.. or decide for good whether I want one or not

21-learn something new with my husband (dance, cook, etc)

22-take a picture every day for a year & collaborate them all together at the end

23-write a book!

24-reach thousands for Christ with my blog

25- open a coffee shop

26-make my own loose tea

27-buy a home


28-take my parents to one place they always wanted to go

29-finally learn how to knit/sew/crochet

30-share Jesus’ love with 2700+ people










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