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New York City! Part One

Goooood morning! It’s Monday & we are already back in the swing of things. Joe is at work, I picked up Penny from her babysitter, the laundry & the dishwasher is going, going and I am excited to be back at Hot tea and the Empty Seat. As much as I loved the hustle and bustle of the city, I do feel so blessed to live where we do. It’s semi-quiet, cozy, & very homey. (Of course my favorite thing about it is who I share it with.) Now for the really important stuff… New York City  Pictures! Since I took about 1000+ pictures throughout the trip, I’m going to share a few here and there over the next few weeks so that you won’t be glued to your screen for the next 7 hours… 😉

If you ever get the opportunity to travel to NYC, do it! This was my first time ever being in New York! The first night, we stayed at Joe’s cousin’s house in Pennsylvania. Thanks Matt & Erika! The next morning, we took a two-hour train ride into New York City. For the next two nights, we stayed in the middle of Manhattan at an amazing hotel called the Affinia Hotel. I highly recommend going there! They let us check in early & they even gave us a complimentary room upgrade.. score! I’m not sure about the nightly rates at the Affinia since the trip was a surprise put together by my sweet husband. Enjoy!

Oh oh oh, I can’t forget the little clues that Joe gave me every few hours while we started our 10+ hour drive up north. Talk about clever. It’s a birthday gift that I will never forget. First up: a few shots from the train, our hotel suite, & Times Square!


My first view of Philly! Probably not it’s best but still rich with personality


Our Bedroom Suite! I loved it.


We were cracking up at this. Why is Barbie unapologetic?? The world may never know..

IMG_6055 IMG_6051 IMG_6061 IMG_6064 IMG_6097 IMG_6098 IMG_6101 IMG_6103 IMG_6105 IMG_6110 IMG_6114 IMG_6115

IMG_6072 IMG_6077 IMG_6078 IMG_6079 IMG_6080

IMG_6081 IMG_6086 IMG_6089 IMG_6093 IMG_6095

Can you tell why I miss it already?!
I am so thankful for my husband’s love & thoughtfulness into my amazing birthday trip. Stay tuned for the next batch of pictures coming soon!

the city that never sleeps & neither did we



Something about New York is just magical. Whether it was the food, people, or the downright AMAZING scenery, it was magical.

My husband and I saw everything there was to see (minus a few things we didn’t mind to see of course) and walked probably a total of 20 miles. Or more. You would think id be in total shape but it evened out after all of the Magnolia cupcakes 😉

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing pictures (more like memories) with you all! You better get so excited because girls and boys, THEY ROCK.

I loved everything about it. All the fancy restaurants and Broadway plays, upscale shops, and skyscrapers were breathtaking


I couldn’t help but to think about all the people there. People from all over the world. Living in their own little world.

Do they know Him? Do they know the man that died on the cross for them… Jesus?

It broke my heart watching men dig through the trashcans only to find empty coffee cups. I watched a Muslim kneeing on a mat, shoes off, in the middle of Chinatown. I sat by three preteen girls, alone in a coffee shop, talking about boys and using language like they were thirty. I passed a homeless man reading loudly from the Holy Bible. And I remember my husband asking…

“What if that was Jesus?”

My heart is broken for the lost tonight. For the lost in the beautiful, amazing town of New York City.

But on a lighter note, I am reminded of this!

For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost. (Matthew 18:11 NKJV)

He is GOD! He is able 🙂 and He has New York in the palm of his hand, from Wall Street to the wandering.

Stay tuned for pictures!!!!