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Today, I remember..


Today I’m remembering the One.

The one who created the heavens and the earth.

The one who has always lived yet came into this particular creation as a helpless baby.

The one who took his first steps on the same earthy ground He used to create mankind.

The one who taught grown men the ways of God at the tender age of twelve.

The one whose eyes shone like the sun at the mention of His Heavenly Father.

The one who befriended sinners, the worst of them.

The one who gathered up the weak, the unfortunate, and the cheaters and made them into righteous brothers.

The one who brought sight to the blind with one touch of his powerful yet gentle fingertip.

The one who drove out the worst of demons with simply just words.

The one who wept and mourned at the sight of his best friend lying dead.

The one who never even once sinned against His Father God.

The one who gave life to the dead and broken.

The one who authored faith and taught it well.

The one who gave mercy and forgiveness again, and again, and again, and again.

The one who healed his enemies and prayed for those who hated him.

The one who was led to his death like a sheep to the slaughter.

The one who was exalted only to be cut down by those he loved, healed, led, taught.

The one who took the beatings, one after the other.. For hours.. For you.

The one who was mutilated by his own creation.

The one who suffered and cried and hung on by a thread on that cross of crucifixion.

The one who took on each and every bitter and hateful remark.

The one who could vanish in a second and restore all things yet he clung to that cross of death so that we would have a chance at Life.

The one who came to earth to do that very thing.

I remember the love poured out, the sin that was upon him. That was my sin. Our sin. Our sin put him on that cross because without Him, we wouldn’t have a chance to live. We would have died and gotten exactly what we deserved, hell.

But the God of great Love had a different plan. His plan is always good. His plan was to send a Savior who could handle that sin and conquer over it.

And that is who I remember.

The Savior.
The Sin-bearer.
The King of Kings.
The Lord of Lords.
The One who bore our shame and death so that we wouldn’t have to.
The God of Love in the form of man.

Jesus Christ.

I remember Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

And the Hope that He gives…

Because yes, He died.

But He didn’t stay dead.

He BEAT death! He CONQUERED hell! He rose from the grave and left our sin there!!!!

He Reigns, He rules, He has authority to wipe sin out of us because he beat it!

He is the remedy to our vile selves.

And He gives life to all who believe and call upon Him!

I remember that cross and I praise Him because of it.



Fear is just the beginning


Fear started in the Eden garden and it blossoms it’s deadly little vines out into our life sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly. It presents itself in many different shapes yet crushes the heart all the same.


It has a hold on so many people.. sometimes for their whole life.. and they don’t even know it..


it kills dreams, deadens the future, fogs the mind, weakens the heart.

Some people are even afraid of fear itself.

How do we stop it? How does one simply quit… being afraid?

The simple truth is this: fear will live as long as sin reigns on this finite earth.

but it doesn’t have the power that it thinks it does. just like satan, fear has already lost the battle.

you see, fear is just the beginning. and freedom is the end.

in glory, fear flees. in the presence of Jesus, fear bows down low.

so how do you and how do I overcome this fear that so cripples us in the now?

we act. we believe. we trust. we jump.

we act on that fear— are you afraid to take that first step in something that you know God has given you the desire to do or start? act upon that dream & inspiration. make it happen despite fear’s constant nagging. Because God is the only true Constant.

we believe in who He is— If God is for us, who can be against us? is fear bigger than God? Never. we must believe that God is God and nothing can come against Him. He never loses. He never fails. Fear falls dead when it is up against our Mighty and Living God.

we trust— we trust in a Savior who broke the chains. He has broken every chain that holds us down. fear is just a link in the long, clanking, heavy, rope of sin. and Jesus ripped them apart when He arose from death & conquered the grave. Nothing is holding you back. because Jesus is holding you up. “He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their chains in pieces.” Psalm 107:14

we jump— Jesus says go. fear says stay. Jesus say serve. fear says don’t move. Jesus says love. fear says freeze. Jesus says have faith. fear says there’s no hope. Who never lies? Who is perfect? Who loves you? Who gave His LIFE for you? Who came to this earth to give you abundant life? Who created you? Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. fear has no room in your life. none. Jesus is everything. He says have faith & live. He says trust Him & believe.

stop letting it control you & let God’s spirit control you. because His spirit is one of power, love, & self-control, NOT fear. & that Spirit has been given to us!

God has been speaking to me powerfully over the past couple of weeks about fear and how it can be defeated in my life. He tells me that sin has no dominion over me therefore I am not a slave to sin (fear) but a slave to righteousness. He tells me that I don’t have to be afraid because He is with me and He will never forsake me. I am realizing that I KNOW these things but sometimes I don’t BELIEVE them. I am slowing down, quieting my mind, and realizing…

The God of Gods, the All Powerful One, the Creator and Sustainer of all things is telling me that He is ever with me. Through thick and thin. Through fear, death, hell, sin, pain, everything. When I believe this, fear does vanish.

I am learning that the only way that I will overcome fear in my own personal life is if I stop talking about it, stop writing about it, stop thinking about it, & just jump. Just believe Him. Just follow Him. While I am afraid.

Right in the middle of my fear, I must act against it.

I am not alone.








Who am I? Finding Worth


We all seek worth in the things we do whether we intentionally mean to or not. We seek worth in our abilities to do things right like work, be a good spouse, be a good parent, or even be a good Christian. The problem with this is the sin problem with ourselves. God never called us to be “good people“. He calls us to be HIS people. And His people seek their worth in who HE is.

I fail as a selfless wife daily. I jump on Facebook before reading my Bible at times. I get angry, let my emotions control me, & pay no attention to the words that I say. Therefore, I don’t think I’m that “good” of a person. And if I let them, those failures will define who I am.  At other times, I get puffed up and put my worth in how “awesome” of a (fill in the blank) I am. If I truly was a good person, do you think I would need Jesus?

None of us can put our worth in how “good” we are. The only good in us is Jesus. We should daily remind ourselves that our worth comes from what Jesus did for us on the cross. He lived to die for you and for me. We find worth when we give our all to Jesus.

Unworthy people who serve and worship a worthy God turns unworthy people into treasured children of God.

Jesus didn’t count how many good things you do or think about how good of a person you are when He died on the cross and broke the chains of sin. He looked past every stain, every blemish, every hateful motive, and He said, “that child of mine has worth… in Me”

So the next time you start getting angry at yourself for not being good enough or the next time you start feeling prideful for all the “good” things you’re doing, remember that we have worth because of what Jesus did for us. He makes unworthy people into dearly beloved children of the most worthy God.

And that Truth never fails.

In Jesus, you are…


adopted by God

wonderfully made

able to do all things

the son or daughter of the Great King



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Who am I? {& a giveaway!}

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Yay! So glad you entered! This morning, I just want to share one verse with you that I want us to dwell on, pray about, & really think about.

“and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” Colossians 2:10

You don’t have to continue chasing the opposite sex, success, popularity, acceptance, money, power, perfection, “love”, addictions, or anything else to make you feel complete. You will never be complete with those things…ever!

Beloved, YOU are COMPLETE in JESUS.

Those other things can and will fail you because they do not have the power and authority to complete you. Only Jesus Christ can uphold you, never fail you, give you purpose, & make you complete. As much as I love my husband, he doesn’t complete me. There are times when he fails me and I fail him. There are things that I need that he cannot give. Only Jesus can give me peace, joy, hope, salvation, purpose, & wholenessEverything my heart desires is found in Jesus, believe it or not. My husband’s job doesn’t complete him. He could be the number one top salesman in the country and still not feel whole or complete. Only Jesus can give him the confidence & wholeness his heart desires.

Beloved, stop putting your trust in other things besides Jesus. Your boyfriend, your success, your own children, or your looks will never complete you.

Only Jesus, only Jesus.  

His hand is held out to you. He is at the door of your heart waiting for you to open and receive him.

He is waiting to clothe you in strength, dignity, love, joy, & hope.

Let go of those other things & let him in.

Let Him complete you.



Who am I? {new series}

For the past few months, I have been on a personal journey to rid myself of negativity. The goal though has changed from simply ridding myself of negative thoughts into becoming more Christ-like in my mind, heart, & thought process.

During my quiet time this morning, I kept going back to this question..

“Do I believe who I am in Christ?”

I completely believe that if we, as God’s daughters, do no truly believe who we are in Him, then we are going to be insecure, scared, fearful, prideful, & afraid. And at times, I sure am. I know that I am redeemed, saved, & born again through Jesus. But do I really BELIEVE that in my heart of hearts? Not quite. Because if I did, I wouldn’t always be worrying what I look like, what could or couldn’t happen, or what others think of me.

I am a dearly LOVED child of God. And if you claim Christ as your Savior, SO ARE YOU!

After I spent some time in prayer with Jesus, I decided to find my old journal and start finding verses that PROCLAIM TRUTH over who I REALLY am in Christ. Girlfriend, the world bombards us with lies about who we are or aren’t but God tells us personally through His word the TRUTH about who we are.

I want to start a mini-series on I am (who we are) in Christ. I’m not sure how long it will last but it’s something that has always been on my heart. Satan has tried to convince me that it’s not my place to proclaim this truth since I barely believe it myself but I want YOU & I to be set free from the lies which we believe about ourselves & start believing who we truly are in Christ.


I believe that once we have confidence in who we are in Christ, negative thoughts & emotions will be easier to combat and will fade into something less of a struggle. Insecurity will melt away, fear will fade, and worry won’t be knocking at our door every morning our eyes open. I’m having faith that God will do a huge work in my heart in opening my eyes to believing who I am in Christ. I am praying the same thing for you.

Find a journal, open up that bible of yours, and search. Ask God to reveal to you truths about who you are in Christ. Let’s make time to learn and believe who we are in Christ.

In the comments area, please leave a verse or two that really speaks truth into your heart; I would love to hear it and add it to my journal!



Believing who I am in Christ…

“For He chose us before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight.” “For we are His creation, created in Christ for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that I should walk in them.” Ephesians 1:4, 2:10

Let that soak in…

The world tells us that we are be loved because of our abilities. They base it on how good we do things, how we look, how we dress, & how much money or success we have. That’s a lie! We must stop believing that we must somehow earn love. If you’re in a relationship (or even friendship) with someone and you feel as if you must prove yourself to that person by doing things that “get them to love you”, you don’t have to. Christ showed His love for us on the cross that paid our ransom so that we may never have to. You are already holy and blameless because of Jesus.

 You have been personally chosen by the loving Creator of the world to be holy & blameless in His sight through Jesus Christ.  It is through JESUS alone that You are called holy and blameless. That’s love, girlfriend!

You are loved!