Our Love Story

Our love story began because of the Ultimate Love Story.

{warning: may contain super mushy gushiness, reader beware}

Long before the two were around age 12, God had been pursuing Joe and Katie.  They both lived in the same town but wouldn’t meet until years later. Joe was even friends with someone that Katie had known for years through teaching at church. Growing up, Joe’s life was a bit more organized than Katie’s. His parents have been together for 35 years and Katie’s parents had divorced when she was younger but God had good plans in store for her regardless of what the enemy was trying to do in her life. This pursuit of God in each of their lives reached it climax when both of them at age 12 they gave their life to Christ in full surrender. They even attended the same church for a few years but still had never met. God worked in their lives for years after that. He never stopped pursuing them and wooing them back to His side even through seasons of rebellion and selfish searching. God stayed faithful to them even when they were not faithful back. Katie struggled with trust issues and always wondered how God could truly love her despite her continual sin. Joe was already in college and was trying to live for God day by day.

Years passed and they lived their lives separately for God but always desiring to meet each other one day. Then, out of the blue it had seemed, their paths finally crossed.

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That friend of Joe’s (the same friend of Katie’s) expressed to Joe that they should meet. They had no idea that both of their entire lives were leading up to this point. Every trial, every blessing, every unanswered prayer now had meaning. Unsure of Joe, Katie was hesitant to meet someone who sounded too good to be true. After a month of questioning on her part, God again intervened and Katie had a feeling that she really should meet Joe. He again got in contact with Katie and asked to meet up the next weekend. Their first date was at an ice cream parlor. Katie can still picture Joe getting out of his car and looking up at her. What a sweet face she saw. She couldn’t explain it and to this day, still cannot but when they walked in the store to order ice cream, she knew from that moment on that she would marry this boy. Their date turned into an all night excursion. They got ice cream, went to a donut shop, stopped at Old Navy and bought Katie a jacket, then spent the night playing miniature golf and laughing. Eight hours later, Joe dropped Katie off at her parents house but before they left, they star gazed. There was definitely going to be a second date. A week or two later, Joe was back on Katie’s doorstep. Joe had something special and secret planned. They drove and drove and talked and talked. When they finally reached their surprise destination, Katie was told to close her eyes and don’t peek! What felt like an hour later, up ran Joe kind of sweaty and out of breath. This was going to be interesting. He led her down a dirt path until they came up to a clearing. A huge rock overlooking miles and miles of gorgeous forest trees. Right in the middle of the rock lay a big picnic blanket, a dozen roses, dinner, candlelight, and a devotion book. Amazing. That night was unlike any other. Joe had brought Katie’s favorite hot chai tea (keeper!) and sushi (even better!). They laughed into the night.

When the sun set, the night sky burst bright. As the laid on the blanket, staring up at the vivid night sky, they sat in awe and wonder of their God. Thousands upon thousands of stars could be seen from where they were. They watched an amazing shooting star zip right past them. It was as if they could reach out and touch heaven. Then, Katie spotted it. Two little stars dimmer than all the rest sat beside each other as if they had been there one thousand years just enjoying each other, not drawing too much attention to themselves, yet the sky wasn’t complete without them. They decided that night that those two stars, those were their stars. That’s how they wanted to live life. Together. Just enjoying God’s wonderful masterpiece. That night was a night they will never forget. The night they were drawn together just like those two little stars.

IMG_0057  IMG_0102 IMG_0609

And honestly, folks, the rest is history. Their dating relationship was a little hard seeing as though Joe was a couple hours away during the week working. Each night as they were on the phone with each other, they would go outside and find their stars. They would always be there, right beside each other and they knew that everything was going to be just fine.

Five months later, Joe popped the question on the beaches of the Bahamas on top of a staircase literally overlooking the sunset ocean. Katie was so nervous and excited, she almost threw up. She said yes, of course, and the two of the danced through the night enjoying starbucks and telling strangers, “we’re engaged!!”. Joe’s parents were even in on photographing the whole proposal. Five months later, they said “I do”.


“I do” to a life full of Jesus, love, and serving others. “I do” to the hard nights and long fights. “I do” to their best friend and soulmate. “I do” to the only one in the world willing to put up with one another. “I do” to a love that is more than themselves. “I do” to two lives joined into one. “I do” to whatever the future holds.

IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1180

We are so thankful for a loving God who orchestrated it all and who continues to love us.

 – J + K




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