what’s your heart like?


Gratitude warms the heart, draws you into God’s goodness, & blesses others around you.

It’s so vital for your spiritual well-being & overall health to examine your heart on a daily or weekly basis! Examining your heart may look like this:

-Ask God to reveal to you what is hindering the intimacy of your relationship first & foremost with Him, and then your relationship with your spouse, and friendships of siblings, friends, etc.

-Is there any unforgiveness or bitterness welling up inside of you? Why and how? And then repenting & asking God to release you from that.

-How do I feel about the current season of life I am in & why?

-What am I in need of?

-Is my heart focused on God and His ways or the ways of this world and my own personal agenda?

And lastly….

-Am I in a state of gratefulness and thankfulness or is my heart too focused on what I don’t have or can’t do?

Gratefulness is key to a healthy heart. Like I said earlier, gratefulness warms the heart, draws you into God’s goodness, & blesses others around you.

Having a heart of thankfulness in all situations can turn defrost any cold heart.

Being aware and intentional of all the blessings in your life, even the blessings in disguise, draws you closer to God Himself. Because every good & perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father! {James 1:17} God is revealed & glorified in our lives when we intentionally choose to focus on the things we are thankful for.

When we have a heart bursting with gladness that life itself is a gift and we are thankful, we shine Jesus’ light brighter than ever before. People will see your heart and they will question their own heart issues.

How is your heart? Is it full of thankfulness and gratitude or are you like me and need to be a little more intentional about living a life of sincere thanks to God? Today is the perfect day to examine your heart & get it right before God. Maybe you could start a journal of all the things you’re thankful for or commit to thanking God more in your prayers. He desires us to live a life of total gratitude.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” {1 thess.5:18}



True Beauty {Community Brew}


Today I am linking up with Madison & Rachel for volume 3 of Community Brew! This post was inspired by a fellow blogger and is straight from my heart. It is something that I have struggled with for years. I hope that you will be encouraged and inspired to realize your true beauty. You are loved!

“Where did that roll come from? I wish I was skinnier.”

“How can my husband look at me? I’m a mess.”

“Why can’t I just look like her?”

“I’m too short. No one will ever take me seriously.”

“My hips are too wide.”

“I can’t believe I hit over 100 lbs. It’s all downhill from here.” {I’m ridiculous, I know}

“My hair is too thin and not shiny enough.”

“My eyes are too dark.”

“I wish my face was clearer and my legs more tan.”

“My face is too fat.”

These are the words I too often speak about myself. I am my own worst critic and everything I do just isn’t good enough. Can you relate? But girlfriend, do you ever stop to think that what you’re thinking isn’t what God has intended for you to think? Who am I to do speak these things about myself? I didn’t create myself. The perfect and amazing Creator of the Universe who is beyond perfect in all He does made me because He delighted in me and wanted to create a life out of me. God made me perfectly in His image. Why am I so focus on the outside when God has already made me beautiful? Why do I focus so much on the physical and not the spiritual state of myself? This world, the same world that is here today and gone tomorrow, is so fixated on how people look on the outside. We are slaves to their fake airbrushed pictures. We thrive off their acceptance and break under the pressure of their worthless opinions. Their focus is shallow and solely based on appearance. How pointless is that? I don’t want to be that way. It’s time that we break away from this world’s definition of beauty and truth.

 I am a daughter of the Heavenly King. I am royalty. I am loved and pursued. I am more than just a face; I have a purpose. I don’t want my friends or sisters or even future daughters to obsess over how they look on the outside. As long as they are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, that’s what matters. I could complain about the little things that I don’t like about myself but what good would that do? Not one thing.

When I look in the mirror, I see so many things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful to have legs, strong and able to get me places.

I have arms that can swing around my husband’s neck when he comes home from work. I am thankful for that.

My many freckles on my nose and arms remind me that I am my mother’s daughter and that is definitely something to be thankful for.

My body that I find flawed is loved by my husband and he tells me multiple times a day how beautiful and perfectly made I am. I am thankful for the way he sees me. He sees me as the most beautiful woman in the world and that’s all that matters.

I am thankful for my long brown hair that matches my father’s.

I am thankful for my unique green eyes with specks of brown in them lined with blue which matches perfectly with my husband’s bright brown eyes mixed with green. I hope our future kids have those eyes that see life as a gift and an adventure and nothing less than God-given.

I have a heart as big as the ocean. It loves many people, both near and far.

I have a Spirit in me that is not of this world. His name is Jesus and He makes me who I am. My figure or my looks do not give me worth and identity. My life isn’t about me and when I look in the mirror, I see a woman who was once broken until Jesus came and made me beautiful and new. His Spirit makes me alive, new, and beautiful.

This world’s definition of beauty is a lie. Beloved, you don’t have to be stick-thin. It’s okay if your teeth are a little crooked or your hair too messy. You are beautiful with your curves and your pale or dark skin. Your nose and your eyes were perfectly placed and your ears shaped by the loving Creator. Real, true, eternal, God-made beauty comes from God Himself and it has a name… Jesus.

and Jesus is within me, in my heart and in my Spirit. That’s what makes me beautiful. I am His.

This picture below is me. I’m going on two days of no showering due to having too much fun at the lake and I am in my husband’s old t-shirt. My eyebrows never look the same {for some odd reason}. My eyelashes aren’t spider-long. You will find no trace of makeup here and my face isn’t flawless. I have bags under my eyes and lines are already showing around my smile at 21. But those are simply proof of lifeAnd on the inside, I am spotless because of Jesus. I am loved by an eternal God. No matter what I am wearing on my body, I can have confidence that I am clothed in Christ’s righteousness. I am worthy. I am beautiful.

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What do you see when you truly look at yourself? You are beautiful. You are loved. You are cherished. Every hair on your head and every freckle on your body. And your heart, that is worth more than gold. And that is the truth.



After reading this amazing post by a fellow blogger, I was moved to tears and knew I had to share my own story. Thanks, Rachel, for your encouragement and inspiration!

Linking up with The Grits Blog!

When You’re Still Afraid of the Dark…

“The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

When I was a kid, I remember lying in bed at night scared to death. I absolutely hated being by myself at night and I was terrified of what lurked in the darkness. I was so scared of the dark that I would even wear my glasses to bed just in case I had to get up and go to the bathroom or fight one of those monsters and I did this until I was at least twelve years old. Even though I was so afraid of the dark, I knew that God was bigger. I knew that He was the Protector of all things, my fragile, young self included. So I would pray. “Please God, send your biggest, strongest, and most fat angels into my room to protect me. Put them in the doorways so that nothing can come in to get me. Please God, send them, send them.” I prayed that prayer at least five times a night and I envisioned them floating down and standing in my doorway, eight feet tall and six feet wide. Nothing could get to me. And then, my eyes closed and my mind drifted off to sleep. I was safe.

Last night, after watching one too many episodes of Prison Break with my husband, I was lying in bed a little scared to be honest. Anyone who really truly knows me, knows that I’m a pretty sensitive person. I can’t watch disturbing or creepy things and I would rather watch rated G or PG movies over a rated R classic any day. I believe that God has made me like this for a reason and I embrace my sensitivity. Last night as I was lying there, hoping no one would sneak into our room, I thought about all of those nights when I would ask God in complete faith to send my big angel friends to protect me and how He would, every time. I didn’t doubt for a minute that He wouldn’t hear my voice or answer my plea for help.

So why do doubt Him now? When darkness surrounds me in this life and I feel like I’ll never make it out alive, I break under the pressure of fear and doubt. But, in reality, God isn’t any different from when I was a scared young girl, lying in my bed at night. He hasn’t changed or gotten any tougher on me. He isn’t far away or too busy to answer my cries for help when the pressures of this world and it’s evils are surrounding me.

I often wish that I could just believe without doubting so that God would work on my behalf. But is that really how our Heavenly Father works? No. God knows our frailty and our weakness. When I was that scared little girl, He knew that I was afraid of the dark and He protected me from it because He loves me, not because I did something right or was righteous enough for Him.

 He was simply protecting His child.  

Oh, how I long for childlike faith. I long for it but it’s in my reach and it’s in your reach. Heaven really isn’t far away. All I have to do is trust Him as the protective Father that He is. I don’t have to be good enough or say the correct words in my prayers. And even if I get a little too scared in the middle of my cries for help, He isn’t going to call the search party off.

God loves us. He cares for us. We are His children. He is willing to save us at any time of the day. He is able to save us from drowning in fear and doubt and sin and pride. He is able to turn our broken hearts into whole, thriving ones. He is able to heal our diseases and heal our hurts. He is able to pull us out of the pit of anger and jealousy. He is able. He doesn’t save us because He thinks we earned it. All we have to do is cry out to Him for help, know that He is watching, listening, and will come to our rescue, and trust Him. We must come to Him in child-like faith—- Sincere, pure, and bold faith.

We tend to over-think things as adults. We somehow believe that if we were only good enough or smart enough or brave enough, God will pay us attention. But it’s when we are at our weakest, our most vulnerable, at our most human and low state, He makes us new… because He is madly in love with His people. And He is just waiting to burst forth through the dark to save us.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
    and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
    and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
    and his glory appears over you.
Nations will come to your light,
    and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” Isaiah 60:1-3


In what area of your life do you need to humbly come before God in childlike faith?

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In His light, we see light…


Friday Faves // vol. 2

How has it been a month since I have posted my Friday Faves?! I am excited to give a little sneak peek into a few of my favorite things on everyone’s favorite day… FRIDAY! I hope you all have a relaxing and fun-filled weekend ahead!

1. organic rice cakes, super YUM!

I have eaten this bad boy every morning for at least two weeks. Top it with a spoonful of natural peanut butter with nuts (my fave), an egg, or even avocado for a delicious and surprisingly filling breakfast food! Let your imagination run wild on top of this healthy thang. I buy my organic rice cakes at our local Earth Fare. Give it a try!


2. unleash the nerd… pottermore.com


This website was created by the author who posts updated tales straight from “Reeta Skeeter” herself.
>activate nerd side now<
Yes, we love Harry Potter. My husband and I love watching Harry Potter together. I think they’re just so fun and makes me feel like a kid again. I was never allowed to watch these as a kid since my parents jumped on the “no Harry Potter allowed in Christian homes” bandwagon. I plan on letting my kids enjoy a little Harry if they so wish. My opinion: Remind them that all things Harry Potter is make-believe & move on. Easy-peasy. As long as they are old enough to know the difference between truth & fantasy. What are your thoughts? I’m curious!


3. it’s time for a new devotion!


Since my Beth Moore Prayer Journal is now filled to the brim, it’s time to start a new devotional! Although this is more of a read than a daily devo, I plan on reading a few paragraphs and really dig into what the author is teaching. It’s about being intentional in your time with Jesus and not letting this busy life get to you. This book was left in my mailbox by a sweet & dear friend, Jessica. She absolutely loved it & I am so excited to get started! If you haven’t read the encounter of these two sisters & Jesus, check out Luke 10:38-42!


4.  work it, girl!


Our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY BEACH TRIP is approaching us quicker than I would like! My hubs and I joined an awesome gym in a local church & have been watching more closely what we eat! Our health & fitness has been a priority that we are finally seeing through. We fail a lot (we love our chocolate cupcakes) but like God’s grace, everyday is fresh & NEW! My bffs have become spinach salad with a handful of cashews & a drizzle of organic dressing, homemade coffee creamer, all kinds of fish, freezer smoothies & lots of water! Recipes & work out plans are in the works for the blog soon!!!   


5. faithful friendships are my fave!

20140711-134526-49526799.jpgMy sweet friend, Jaimie, sent this to me this morning with the caption, “praying for you!” It’s the little things, friends! I am so thankful for friendships based on God, true care for the other person, & encouragement. Listen, God is glorified when you and I carry the burdens of the people in our lives. That’s what we are called to do! That little encouragement was just what I needed! Oh, and Jaimie is also a super-new blogger with a website I am sure you will be hearing about in my upcoming posts! Let’s focus on people rather than our blog’s fame. Friends over Facebook. Family over our own little personal bubble. Let’s live life with one another. That glorifies God.

You are loved!


Summer Bible Study: Romans // Chapter TWO

Welcome friend!!

I’m so glad that you are back! I am excited to hear about what God has revealed to you through studying His Word. If this is your first time visiting our online bible study over Romans, check out the Romans Intro and get caught up because today we are reviewing & talking about Chapter TWO of Romans!

Over the weekend, my hubs and I camped out with about 35 youth kids and learned about being IN this world but not OF this world. We learned that a key principle to not being conformed to this world is being transformed by the renewing of our minds. Say what?! We renew our minds through the truth in God’s Word. {Here is the kicker that made me so excited since we are studying Romans together…} You shouldn’t simply read the Word and do the whole “skim-read while thinking about something else”, then closing your bible and go about your day as if nothing happened. That’s exactly what James warned us about in James 2, “be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves.” In our associate pastor’s convicting & encouraging words, “We need to get the Word IN us!” Studying is so much more than just reading and then marking bible study off your to-do list {I’m so guilty!}. Studying God’s Word literally transforms us into looking more like Christ! I don’t know about you but that sounds like exactly what I want in life!! I hope that encourages you to really dig into His Word, in this bible study over Romans, and in your everyday reading!



Talk about a doozy. Romans chapter two is no walk in the park. It’s reoccurring theme is about God’s righteous judgement. Oh, judgement. It’s one of those nice over-coffee & macaroons subjects..not. Let’s start in verse one.

“Therefore, any of you who judges is without excuse. For when you judge another, you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the same things.” {rm. 2:1}

Ouch, Paul. Gettin’ a little bit too personal, buddy.

But, he is spot on. And for women, in my opinion, we need a small venti sized dose of humility in the department of judging one another.

In the day of Pinterest/Facebook/Insta/blogs, it’s SO easy to judge one another. For me, it’s out of jealousy because that woman has a coffee bar that I want and I’m going to slander her in my head until my coffee bar appears in my kitchen because. Of course, James was talking about more serious things than kitchen accessories. Yet, no matter what we are judging someone for, we will be held accountable for our actions. God is the judge. Not us. And before you start judging someone, remind yourself that you are just as sinful as the one you’re pointing fingers at. And also remember that grace covers each of our sin’s. God’s got it. Don’t worry your pretty little self about what that person is or isn’t doing anymore. {Preaching to the choir!}


Chapter two’s main theme is righteousness & judgement. James is writing about the coming wrath of God. Pretty much.. Your choices in this life carry over into how you will be judged in the next eternal life. “He will repay each one according to his works: eternal life to those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor, and immortality; but wrath and indignation to those who are self-seeking and disobey the truth but are obeying unrighteousness…” {rm. 2:6-8}

This is a lot to take in. But, do not be discouraged.

No one can work their way into heaven. Salvation, the belief in Christ Jesus and acceptance of His free gift of salvation from sin, brings about good works. Good works do not bring salvation. I struggled with this for years. You can not work yourself into heaven. The Jews who Paul is writing to in this chapter focus their entire being and energy in trying to keep the law {trying to be good enough}. My HCSB study bible explained it in a mighty way…

“Christians are declared righteous by faith. At the moment of that declaration, the person is joined to Christ and regenerated by the Holy Spirit, becoming a new creation [2co. 5:17] created for good works [eph 2:10]. As Paul wrote, “what matters is faith working through love.” [Gl. 5:6] Thus the person of faith who seeks glory, honor, and immortality and continues to do good demonstrates that he is truly regenerate and thus is assured of eternal life. To the person who obeys unrighteousness and disobeys truth, however, wrath is his/her destiny.”

You are righteous only by Christ in you. He bridged the gap between you & God and accepting and believing in that transforms you into a righteous being because when God looks at you, He sees Jesus, the spotless lamb. This doesn’t mean that He is not blind to every choice you make. Faith without works is dead. {James 2:17} Like my husband tells me, “if you truly believe in your heart that Jesus is who He says He is, then your life/faith WILL SHOW.”


Being a Christian is not doing a list of “good” things to get yourself into Heaven or praying the sinner’s prayer 18 times. God WANTS you to have a relationship with Him. Your righteousness is in Christ alone. But you must be IN Christ alone to receive that righteousness. The fruit (good deeds) will grow and show after that relationship is planted! “Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, overflowing with gratitude.” {Colossians 2:6-7}


What have you learned from chapter two? I want to hear from you!!!

In Christ alone, you are accepted. In Christ alone, you are declared righteous. In Christ alone,

You are loved!




diving into the Word & the weekend

We began chapter TWO of our Roman’s study yesterday after finishing the Chapter One Review here. If you have read Romans 2 this morning already, you will find that it can be a little confusing. Many questions linger and confusion is easily found if you merely read then shut your bible and go about your day. Chapter two is going to need some deeper prayer and studying. I plan on reading and praying over Romans 2 often. Paul talks plenty about judgment, righteousness, and morals. I encourage you to find a trustworthy commentary (I use the HCSB Study Bible) or a trustworthy pastor or teacher who can guide you along. I will do my best next Thursday to put into easy understanding all that Paul discusses in chapter two! I am praying that we will be doers of the Word not merely hearers, only deceiving ourselves.

In just a few hours, I will be leaving with my church’s youth group to journey to CAMP! I will be leading high school girls! I am excited, already tired thinking about all the fun games there will be, & expecting God to work mightily and in big ways this weekend. You will hear from me around Monday. I am excited to share with you all that God revealed and even taught me while at camp. It will be a great and much-needed time detached from social media, busy schedules, and the never-ending piles of laundry. Please be praying specifically for the youth that are attending who do not know Jesus as their Savior. Pray for their hearts to be open to receive Christ & for their lives to be changed! Camp holds a special place in my heart because as a junior in high school, camp is the place where God completely and utterly saved, changed, & transformed me. I came to camp as confused, messed up, worldly, & self-centered and I left whole, clean, changed, & new!

God will do great things!

I want to encourage you this morning with this quote from a past blog post, Dive In ,that I wrote in January.

“Drink from His vast ocean of faithfulness. Dive in, head-first, and drown in His grace. Find the great treasure of salvation, joy, and comfort. Float weightless in His Presence of Freedom, no guilt! Be refreshed in the waters of His LOVE. Receive His gift.”


Summer Bible Study: Romans // Chapter 1


Welcome! I’m so glad that you are here! I hope that you have enjoyed reading chapter one of Romans. If you haven’t read the intro to Romans, you can do so here!

So, what do you think about Romans so far?

Paul is a pretty cool dude, I think. He seems so passionate about writing this letter to his brothers & sisters in Christ living in Rome.

Before we jump into a few verses, I want to encourage you to do more than just read and walk away.

As you are reading Romans, ask yourself these questions:

1- What is this verse/passage/chapter saying?

You may even want to write down everything you see going on in the passage. Where is he, what is the writer or other characters doing, etc. This will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of these people. It will make the story come alive. Because after all, these are real accounts in history. They aren’t just fables and fairy tales. These are real writers writing to real people who are experiencing real things. Whatever you are reading is either commanding you to something, teaching you something, encouraging you about something or giving you some sort of insight.

2- How does this apply to my life or how can I apply it to my life?

I believe that all scripture can be applied to our lives. We have to make sure that we aren’t nitpicking it apart and only taking what sounds good to us but it is important to read and then apply it. But don’t do it on your own. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Let God teach you from His Word. Make sure you are not trying to teach yourself something from God’s Word. Always, always, always ask God to reveal Himself to you.


Verse by verse:

Paul starts out by writing to his fellow Christians in Rome. He tells them how encouraged he is by them and the fruit that is growing from their faith in Jesus. He wants them to know how much he wants to come see them and encourages them to know that he is praying for them. He reminds the romans that the gospel isn’t just for them. It’s for everyone. The gospel, God’s saving grace, is available for every type of person. What a glorious thing! Verse 16 is a great verse to memorize and truly live out in life. It says, “for I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, and also to the Greek.”

* The last verses (18-32) are powerful. We do not want to miss these verses. God is speaking through Paul reminding us that God has revealed Himself to all men. (v19-20) People have a choice to make. They can choose to accept the truth and believe in God or they can choose to believe the lie that God doesn’t exist. God tells us plain and clear that He is real and Jesus is real and alive. “For His invisible attributes, that is His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse.” (v20 bold mine)

 Have you lived your life in disbelief? Let God show you Himself. He is real & He desires for you to know Him in relationship. That’s what you were made for. You DO have a purpose!

Are you praying for someone who is living in disbelief? Remember that God is faithful & desires all to know Him. Keep praying. Keep sharing Jesus. Keep loving.


The chapter goes on to explain that humans, without Jesus, are so sinful that they can’t be in the presence of God. In His great wisdom, God gave them over to their sinfulness because they are so about wanting to be in their sin. (v26,28) They willingly traded the TRUTH of God for a lie, the CREATOR for creation. (v25)

 Sin is deception. It creeps in & kills. Be aware! The end verses (29-32) reveal the sinfulness that can so easily ensnare us if we aren’t in Christ.


What I learned:

Before sitting down to read chapter one for the first time, I asked God to clearly reveal Himself to me. I asked Him to show me and teach me what I needed to see or learn.

I began reading and got all the way to verse 16, when God brought my eyes back to verse ONE! Verse one?! So many times, I quickly read through the first couple of verse because (I’m thinking..) it’s just a little intro like a hello you guys i’m writing to. But it took me a second to get what He was showing me.

In verse one of Romans chapter one, Paul says “Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated to the gospel of God…” {nkjv}


What does that mean?

A person bound in service without wages, a slave or serf
 other translations use the words slave or servant
Paul was immediately letting everyone know that he belonged to Christ. More than that, he was His slave.
God started flooding my mind with what it looks like to be a slave. And that everyone is a slave. But all are not enslaved to the same master.
 I was once a slave to sin. As soon as I was born, my sin chained me to death. I served sin. Sin was my master.  I was dead in my transgressions, my sinfulness. And I was hopeless.
But because God loved us so much, He made a way for us to be free. Through Jesus, we would no longer be slaves to sin. Instead we would His!
I have been BOUGHT by Jesus through the blood He shed. I was bought by Jesus to be set free from sin and death and hell.
He bought me therefore I BELONG to Jesus. I am his slave.
Am I living that way? A slave’s life revolves around serving his/her master. Does my life? Does your life? The difference between this Master and an earthly master is Jesus considers us a FRIEND not a feeble slave of his. Because He is LOVE, He doesn’t boss us around or make us do everything while He sits around doing nothing. It may be hard to wrap our minds around but that’s because He is bigger and greater than we are. And His love for us is bigger and greater than we can imagine! We are His own, His beloved. He took the place of our death. We are alive through Him. It should be our JOY to lay our life down for Him. Because He did that for us and saved us from that nasty sin-master, Satan.
If you belong to Christ, if you have accepted His free gift of forgiveness of salvation and life, then you are Jesus’. You are not your own. Praise God! Jesus alone makes us free, clean, pure, & alive!

You are a bondservant of Christ. Do you live your life as His servant and slave?

Take a minute and think about that question. That’s what following Jesus and living for Him really means.

Being a slave of Jesus means giving up our rights, our goals, our dreams, our purposes, our plans & accepting His PERFECT plan for our life. After all, He did create us and He alone knows exactly what is best for us. His ways are perfect & He has great things in store for those who love Him and follow Him.

We may think that we have it all together. You may be thinking right now that you don’t want to give up your life & success & happiness to be His servant but the Truth IS that when we do just that, that’s when we truly live. We thrive. We find joy. We have purpose & we are fulfilled. We truly live when we die to ourselves.


It’s a lot to take in. This is something that I have been praying over for weeks. I so desire to live a life that is not all about me. I want it to be all about Jesus.

We will fall short and mess up along the way but Jesus is so compassionate, He will always be there to pick us back up and walk alongside of us.

That’s also what your fellow Christian friends and family are there for. Helping one another grow. I hope that this summer, through this study, we can do just that for each other!

Now, I want to hear from you!

What did you get out of chapter one?!? Comment below or run over to Hot Tea and the Empty Seat on Facebook to share with us! Feel free to share pictures of your notes, your favorite verses, a prayer if you feel led. Don’t be shy!