About the Girl!


Welcome! I’m so glad that you have stopped by!

Who am I? I’m Katie. I’m a believer, wife, daughter, sister, & friend.  I’m a Jesus follower. I am fearfully & wonderfully made. I am a sinner saved by Grace!

What do I believe in? I believe in a God who loves every single person on earth enough to give us an opportunity to know Him through Jesus, His spotless Son.

What do I do? I am proud to be a wife to a great husband. I write here to encourage others & share God’s love. I have a photography business locally and I am a mom to a four legged puppy. My hubs & I also serve in our local church. Love our youth peeps!

I love… Jesus, my husband, my big family, & my lovely home in sweet & southern Tennessee.

I adore… writing about what I am learning about Jesus, life, marriage, & everything in between… spending time with my husband & traveling to new places with him… having Jesus time praying & reading the Word, laughing with friends, cooking new meals, reading a good book, diy-ing and crafting, sipping hot tea and making coffee, loving, serving, & learning how to live this life to it’s fullest.


Who is he? Joe.  He is my amazing husband. He is a son, friend, & follower of Jesus. He is a strong, faithful, and genuine person. I am so blessed to call him mine forever!

What does he believe in? He believes in Jesus, Savior of the world, & the God who created us and loves us!

What does he do? He is a hard working man who has big faith in a great God. He works for a great company with great perks 😉

He loves… Jesus, spending time with family, & living life with his wifey.

He adores… watching movies, traveling, laughing, playing basketball, golf, football, and biking, playing board games, fixing up our home, playing with our puppy, & spending time at our home church, Harvest Bible Chapel. He also loves pizza. Like in a crazy way.


First comes love… we met through a mutual friend and four and a half months later, got engaged! Before you freak out, read about our love story here!

Then comes marriage… we got married July 20th, 2013 in a little town on a perfect day surrounded with love from family, friends, & our Lord above. I wore lace and he wore a tux. Our family and friends prayed over us during the ceremony & we felt God all over us in that moment. Then, we danced the night away under the summer moon. I am working on a spot in this blog specifically about our wedding day. Be watching!

Then comes… we are living day by day following the Lord and seeking His will for our lives the best that we can. Whether mission trips or babies are in the future, we are trusting that God has the best planned for us. We are just so thankful to have the opportunity to live life together. We are excited and watching for His hand in our future together. (But really, a dog is enough for now!)

IMG_4494 - Copy (2)

Name: Penelope Von Shweets, Penny for short!

Nicknames: Penn-penn, Pen, penny-poo, and the occasional ding-dong (when we get on to her)

Breed: Siberian Retriever (half Siberian husky-half chocolate lab)

Her Story: After getting married, being at home while my husband was at work during the day got a little lonely so after talking to my hubby and convincing him that a puppy was the answer, we started looking around. We knew that we wanted a big dog, one who could be smart enough to run with, play fetch with, and eventually protect the fort! We looked for a couple of months but nothing was really appearing. Then, one day, a friend from high school posted on Facebook one day that her husky had pups! A couple days later, I went back to my hometown to check them out. They were the cutest little things I ever did see! It was so hard to choose from all 8 of them. After an hour of snuggling and playing with each of them, I decided on Penny! She was the prettiest, sweetest, & one of the only girls in the pack. I snatched her up and away we went! We originally thought we wanted a boy so we had the blue leash and the blue everything for her so eventually we had to switch everything. The pups were a young 5 weeks old so it was an adventure learning how to care for such a tiny little thing. She has already been through puppy training so she is learning everyday!

She loves… cuddling on our bed, sitting in our laps (although she is already too big for that), running and playing with other dogs her size and bigger, playing fetch, going to her grandparent’s houses, laying on our couch, giving kisses, being hugged by dad, chasing birds and leaves, watching movies, chilling outside in the yard, digging holes, riding in the car with mom & dad, jumping over little dogs, & pretty much everything else!

She is scared of… cats (majorly), the trashcans on the side of the street on trash day, and that’s about it!

transparent background

I created this blog in hopes that God would use it for His glory and that it would encourage, equip, and empower women (&men!) of ALL ages to live a full life where Jesus is the center and Lord of it all!

I pray my daily ramblings and Spirit-driven devotionals bring you encouragement, laughs, peace, and conviction. Oh, and a yearning for some good hot tea. Stay awhile and enjoy! Don’t forget to say hey!

Love much ~

17 thoughts on “About the Girl!

  1. So I’ve been browsing this place since I found your comment on my post this week. I love it. Where in Tennessee are you? I grew up in the Nashville area.

  2. Katie,
    I just found this blog recommended on my wordpress! I am so excited to start reading your posts, seeing how the Lord is leading and teaching you, and to learn from Him more through your posts. Thanks for doing this!

    • Monica, that’s so encouraging, thank you! I am so excited that you have found my website! 🙂 So glad you are here! I just visited your site & I see that you graduated from UTC. I live so close to there! 🙂 I am excited to follow along on your blog! Be blessed!

  3. You are SO inspirational! Reading your posts brings light into my days and I am so happy to have found this! You really are encouraging, equipping, and empowering people “everywhere to live a full life where Jesus is the center and Lord of it all!”

    • 🙂 You sure do know how to encourage someone’s day! Thanks so much. I love your blog as well. I love that we serve the same Savior. He is good. Thank you so much for being apart of Hot Tea and the Empty Seat & reading along. Blessings, sweet girl!

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